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Maintenance Contract


Your Central Heating Boiler is a most efficient appliance. With its supply of constant hot water and its comfort giving warmth, it is classed as a friendly member of the household. Like any member of the household it repays care and attention with years of loyalty, efficiency and safety.

It is in the hands of the responsible householder to ensure the safety of the family and the property The importance of regular, qualified attention to central heating boilers is forever being expounded. We cannot underline the importance of such attention enough.

Boiler Manufacturers state



Includes Radiators, Valves & Pipework in addition to the. There is a FOUR TIER CHOICE of Maintenance Contract, the choice is yours and can be made at the time of the service call.


To service, overhaul and reset your gas central heating boiler. To check and recalibrate where necessary all controls. To back up your service with a 12 month parts and labour warranty against all natural breakdowns to your boiler.

(Boiler components covered, listed overleaf. Terms and Conditions of the Contract overleaf).

PREMIUM (To include boiler service) £ VAT


As above, however, all parts used in the repair of your breakdown will be subject to charge. (Terms and Conditions of the Contract overleaf).

PREMIUM (To include boiler service) £ VAT


To carry out full service schedule and provide priority emergency call out facility. However, any parts or labour costs incurred will be chargeable at normal rates.

PREMIUM (To include boiler service) £............................78.00 .inc. VAT

All Contracts include a full service schedule.

To comply with the Terms of all Contracts, pumps MUST be fitted with isolation valves.


The Contract covers the cost of all parts and labour involved in the breakdown of the boiler and controls including Radiators, Valves and Pipework (see Note 16).


The Contract covers the cost of all parts and labour involved in the breakdown of the boiler and controls including 365 day Emergency Cover.


The Contract covers the cost of all labour in the repair of any central heating or hot water generation breakdown for a period of 12 months from the Contract date shown overleaf. Emergency out of hours cover (5.00pm - 9.00pm) is included with the exception of Saturday, Sunday and Bank

Holidays (9.00am - 5.00pm)

Breakdowns which occur outside the period will be repaired during normal working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday (9.00am - 5.00pm).

All Contract calls will be given priority at all times.


    1. That the failure be a breakdown and not caused in any way by un-qualified or alternative attention by other persons or Contractors whatever the cause or reason.
    2. Damage caused to radiators or pipework by decorators or carpet layers fracturing or damaging the radiators or pipework in the execution of their business.
    3. Damage caused by frost or other weather conditions to any part of the system, i.e. condensate discharge pipework (Repairs to all these failures will be carried out at normal rates).
    4. No claims can be made in the first 14 days.
  1. The Contract does not cover noisy systems, either pumps, programmers, boilers or pipework. These conditions do not constitute a failure or breakdown and can be rectified subject to normal charge rates. Electrical elements and Immersion Heaters are not covered but can be repaired subject to normal rates.
  2. Hot water cylinders, and cold water supply tanks are part of the general house plumbing system and as such are not covered by any Contract, but will be repaired if necessary subject to normal repair rates.
  3. The Contract shall run on a 12 monthly basis and will fall due for renewal upon the same day each year. If the service is carried out earlier than the Contract date, the Contract Invoice will be post-dated to the correct date so as not to affect the 12 month contract cycle. By the same token, if the service is not carried out until after the Contract date, unless you have requested that a later date be set, then you shall automatically remain under cover by the Contract until such time as the service is carried out, the Invoice date will then be predated to the normal Contract date as long as service is carried out within 3 weeks of renewal date.
  4. A Contract can be cancelled at any time by the Customer during the 12 month period. NO refund of the Contract premium will be given.
  5. A normal transport and service charge will be levied should the Contract holder not be available to give access to the Engineer should he call in response to an appointment.
  6. The Contract shall be deemed cancelled should an alternative contractor carry out repairs, alterations or modifications of any description to the entire system or to any part of that system without prior consultation with this Company.
  7. Should the pilot become extinguished by means of adverse weather conditions, the Customer is obliged to relight the pilot themselves. This occurrence is not considered a breakdown.
  8. When moving house, you may transfer this Contract to the new occupier without any charge to them whatsoever as long as they advise this office within 7 days of their occupation.
  9. Curved or Designer radiators, buried or hidden pipework is not covered by any Contract. We will replace the radiator with a standard one or designer radiators you have bought yourself. In this case we will only guarantee our workmanship not any manufacturing faults in the radiator itself.
  10. Non Breakdown call our, for example, to vent radiators, to reset time switch, to refill or re-pressurise system or relight the pilot after adverse weather conditions, will all be subject to normal rates.
  11. Problems caused by red and black oxide sludge in the system, corrosion of radiators, blockage of pipework etc., are not included. These can be rectified subject to normal repair rates.
  12. The Contract covers the full cost of labour in the straight replacement of faulty parts. Our Bonafide parts are sourced from our list of approved suppliers.
  13. This contract does not cover any boiler ‘management’ systems i.e. Fuel boss or similar or internet based controls and emitters.
  14. Warm Air units are covered but the controls are not covered.
  15. No pipework or controls feeding a swimming pool are not covered. Controls or pipework to underfloor heating are not covered.


The Mechanical failure of any of the following: Boiler, Circulating Pump, Programmer, Boiler Control System and Equipment.

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