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Heating Controls

Substantial savings can be made annually to your home energy bills by the fitting of appropriate controls.

By simply adding a room thermostat you can achieve significant savings annually. It is not sufficient to have thermostatic radiator valves, they do not turn the boiler or pump off directly, they are only a mechanical device not an interlock.

“What is an interlock?”

Well an interlock in its simplest form is a digital room thermostat which when satisfied will stop the boiler from firing, the pump running and stops idle (wasteful) firing of the boiler until a genuine demand for either heating or hot water is made. How many hundreds of times does your boiler fire each year needlessly.

Whilst a condensing boiler is an efficient appliance, big savings can also be made by the fitting of a suitable controls. If you are considering installing a condensing boiler then this is the perfect opportunity to maximise efficiency. These controls are not difficult to use and if we install them for you we will not leave until you are fully conversant with them.

Internet Access

Should you wish to control your system remotely, this can be achieved without draining the system or rewiring controls.

Total control of your system by your smart phone or tablet is now available and you can control every radiator in your home individually both thermostatically and timed.

Ideal for anyone working from home, where they could just time and program the one radiator. Just imagine the savings.

We have a comprehensive display of electronic programmers and digital thermostats in our showroom. Call in today to save money or call Natalie/Kim on 0151 625 2933

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