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Meet the Team

Alan Scoffield
Managing Director
“Nearly 50 years of heating experience as my worn out knees back and shoulder will testify!”

Peter McDowall
Technical Installation Manager
“Nearly as old as the Boss and can remember when Wagon Wheels had to be rolled out of the shop!”

Natalie Daley
Office and Finance Manager
“Great memory but she doesn’t believe Peter about the Wagon Wheels”

Kim Heller
Showroom Manager
“Never heard of Wagon Wheels and has a memory worse than the boss!”

Mark Barron
Installation Engineer
“Who needs a loft ladder, when you’re this tall”

Graham Bailey
Installation Engineer
“Please put a padlock on your biscuit tin if Graham is doing your install”

Keith Herbert
Fire installer/ Heating Engineer
“Our longest serving engineer at 25 years! Doesn’t look a day over 50!"

Lee McKeown
Senior Service/Breakdown Engineer
“Following in his Dad’s footsteps, but who is the better fault finder!”

Matthew Cookson
Installation Engineer
“For two years Alan thought he was bi-lingual turns out he just speaks really fast!”

Ben Scoffield
Service/Breakdown Engineer
“My Dad has taught me everything I know, but not everything he knows!”

Mike Watkins
"The Newby"
“Not been with us long but is keen, eager to learn, willing... it's odd really!”

Jon Wynstanley
“Our latest signing has literally hit the ground running! Excellent!”

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